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The user can create a new account on the My Compose by free and take advantage of the features in the system
When you click the Create Account – Registration – button on the website or on the login page, the system will ask you to complete the registration form as follows:

You must fill in the data in the form as follows
– First name (required – Arabic or Latin characters)
– Last name (required – Arabic or Latin characters)
– Password
– Confirm password (required – password entered in the password field)
– Email (required – valid email)
– Confirm email (required – re-enter email)
– Phone number (optional – phone number with country code)
– Approval of Terms of Use (Mandatory – Place a reference on your box)

After filling in all the fields and pressing to create an account, the system will redirect you to the user activation page by confirming your e-mail

If you don’t enter the previous fields correctly, the system will tell you what you need to correct as in the examples below

If the fields are entered in the correct format, the shape of the fields will be changed to green / some examples in the pictures:

After clicking the Create Account button, you will be redirected to the email confirmation page – where the system sends an email containing your activation code, you can directly press the Confirm button and enter the system, or copy the activation code and paste in the space allocated on the page Confirm email as the following picture

It can take two minutes to send the confirmation message to your e-mail. In some cases you may find the message in the spam box in your e-mail. If you do not find it, you can send the confirmation code again by pressing Re-send confirmation code.
In the following picture is an example of the confirmation message that will reach your email:

After confirming your email, the system will redirect you to your inbox