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An electronic cloud platform for correspondence management. Compose electronic signage documents with minimal efforts. MyCompose is free to individuals to send and receive electronically signed documents right away in their inbox. The optimum solution for companies to manage their archiving and correspondence in more advanced processes with minimum efforts.

E-signature management

he system allows the user to create his or her own electronic signature through several channels, such as a web channel or smartphone, or upload it as an image, create an initials signature, and use it to add an electronic signature to the edited correspondence, . The system maintains the electronic signature encrypted in the database where it can not be hacked or misused through encrypted codes composed of both signature and unique book encoding

Smart Text Editor

The system features an electronic text editor dedicated to official books and correspondence. It contains the coordinator of lines and texts with the main elements of books such as sender, subject, date, number of the book issued, copies, and authorized to sign. This specialized editor is linked to the business process engine. It allows him to define the steps of working on the document in its various stages, from the creation of the draft, to the stage of auditing, accreditation and signing, in order to send the book and its coding accordingly.


Signature is becoming more protection

When you sign any document in MyCompose, the system creates a unique bar code for each signature process, where any smart phone can read this barcode and check if the document is correct or modified

Save time and effort in the extension processes

MyCompose contains a face-to-face interface to define incoming and outgoing numbers so that the system automatically creates serial numbers for each document according to the definition that the person or company sets for its documents

Workflow Engine

The document that is created in MyCompose passes through several stages that the user knows so that it is easy to know the tracking of documents and take action on them according to the powers of each person or employee

Intelligent text editor

The system contains an intelligent visual text editor in which you can write official documents and select authorized signatories easily

My Compose Usage



The user often needs to send, receive and sign the various documents. My Compose offers practical solutions to manage these documents and create protected electronic signatures

For companies

My Compose manages and archives outgoing and incoming mail in companies and manages the necessary operations of signatures and archiving of confidential documents

For Enterprise

My Compose offers special solutions for different projects that require documents that go through a set of procedures and stages.

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