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My Compose for Individuals

The user often needs to send, receive and sign the various documents. My Compose offers practical solutions to manage these documents and create protected electronic signatures

Is an electronic platform that allows individuals to register and create a small database that enables them to send personal correspondence or books only, such as calls, reports, and creating an electronic signature that reflects the identity of the sender. It also enables him to receive any correspondence or official books from any user of the My Compose system if he is helped in the book.
– Create a free account by providing basic data or connecting with user accounts for social networking such as Facebook or Google.
– Supply the contacts of the platform and its management by the user to send different communications.
– Manage incoming mail, where it allows him to receive any official or personal correspondence in the incoming mail and see them and save and retrieve them at any time.
– Supplying, indexing, archiving and categorizing the user’s files as needed for preservation and retrieval.