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MyCompose is an electronic cloud platform for correspondence management. Allows you to compose electronic documents, sign it electronically and send it to involved parties “Addressees” with minimal efforts and higher availability. Cloud platform offers a secure infrastructure managed by professionals to keep all your documents and correspondence safe and accessible from everywhere at any time. A well designed process of creating official correspondence will reduce the the tools that been used for creating such.

Different tools and equipment are involved in the process of issuing a signed document, word editor, printer, signing it manually, then a scanner to digitize it again, and a correspondence medial such as mail or email or upload it to an application form. With my compose, we offer an embedded word editor, that allow you to create your document, an e-signature editor to create your e-signature, and connections management to correspond to them instantly in simple and easy steps.

The platform is available to everyone, which make from it a network of professional correspondence, and available to anyone. This means you can receive your copy of your document anytime and everywhere, share it with others by sending it with any media once you have the right to access it, and validate any document originality with one click.

When it comes to companies and organizations the process of correspondence becomes more complicated, and different processes for different types of official letters involved. MyCompose is designed to serve more complex business processes for companies and organizations. Automating all processes via a robust and flexible workflow management tools, integrated with the organization hierarchy and authority of signature.

Guarantee higher level of integration between parties, and higher level of collaboration on the work at each stage of the business process. My Compose is designed to serve as simple process of issuing a self signed document by creator, to a multi level of collaborative roles and signatory authorities with multiple approval dependencies. Making MyCompose the most effective correspondence management cloud platform that serves everyone from individuals to big Enterprise.